Sunday, October 18, 2009


мища is 2 parts Vikings! and 1 part Drug Money. I play drums in this band, and we have been around for about a year. At first it was just James and I, but then Alex joined the band after like 3 shows or something. We did a New England tour this summer and got to play with some really great bands like Pathos, C'est La Guerre, The Sharpest, and We Were Skeletons. Our name was supposed to mean "bear", but when it was written to was written incorrectly. So when you write our name it dosn't mean anything, but if you say it (its pronounced Mischa) it does mean "bear". Before we went on hiatus we played our last show at David Krasner's house with Pianos Become the Teeth, Age Sixteen, Wren Lloyd, and Pansori. We also got the chance to play with Matsuri and Moldar(RIP) on their summer tour. That shit was bomb. We are trying to play a show or two when I go home in December, and we are getting ready to book another tour for this summer. We were going to go to Europe but its starting to look like we won't have enough money. If you have a house or can get shows, wherever, and you wouldn't mind us stopping by you should talk to us on our myspace. Before I left we recorded two songs for a 7" split with Bears!, which is going to be put out on Bear Records next year. You can buy all of our stuff from Unity Through Harmony, and you can get our mini disc from Noise Park Activities, who we still owe like twenty five dollars.
Heres a video from a while back in Hampton's Garage.


A Collection of Internet Songs

Basement Demos

Lady Sang the Blues

Not For Ears
( our songs from our splits with Broken Chords Can Sing A Little and Ze Ultra Boys)

Live From Krasner's Basement


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Empanada Rocket said...

thank you. i love this blog.

boroda said...

haha i almost ruined my keaboard with coffee when i saw russian word as a name of this band! it's much more interesting cuz you've spelled it incorrectly)))

Cody said...

My friend turned me onto this blog as a place to find great bands, and I've been reading and listening for a few days, and then read this for Mischa...realizing that My band is releasing a split with you guys! Haha, I'm Cody, the guitarist for Bears!, and am so stoked to release something with this awesome outfit. Thanks a lot for the great blog, too.