Sunday, October 18, 2009

Age Sixteen


I've been pleasantly surprised to see this band's name popping up on more and more blogs. This is a band that I've had the pleasure of watching evolve from their first demo to the present day. I was even lucky enough to book these guy's second show, and it was amazing at that early stage how many kids already knew the words to these guys songs. Their output so far has been a three song debut demo disc, an LP which was put out on both CD and cassette (the cassette release was put out by Chug Life writer Robbie's own Tall Cedar Tapes), and two tour sampler CD-Rs.

Below I've posted their most recent tour sampler, a three song demo, which, for some reason is all just one long song, so don't think that the download's fucked up or anything. I've also posted their earlier 2009 Tour Sampler which we never got around to posting, featuring the version of "Fabric" (originally on the Spring 2008 Demo), that would end up on Open Up Finders..., as well as two unmastered versions of the LP tracks "As Personal as a Greeting Card" and "The Lion and the Gazelle".

The new material contained on Summer '09 Demos is Age Sixteen's darkest, most chaotic material to date. The band has drawn comparisons to European outfits like La Quiete and Suis La Lune, but American bands like Loma Prieta have always been a big influence on their sound as well, and on this release that aspect begins to shine through a bit more. These songs are all slated to pop up in their mastered, polished forms in the future, most likely when the band takes care of their line-up issues at the drummer position.

"In Lieu Of" was a demo version of "Two Seconds", which would eventually appear on their debut LP Open Up Finders, Please. The song was originally supposed to be featured on a compilation by Zomperkamp records which, for whatever reason, never came out.

They are currently in search of a new drummer, seeing as Tommy is headed out to California for college. So hopefully these guys find the right fit and get back to playing shows soon, because, as some of you may already the privilege of knowing, these guys put on a stellar live show.

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"In Lieu Of" (2008)


2009 Tour Sampler


Summer '09 Demos

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