Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Good Luck


Sometimes you hear music so heart warming that you start to get that warm, fuzzy feeling, and for the time that album is on, everything seems okay.

Good Luck, hailing from Bloomington, Indiana, makes music like that. You may recognize bassist/vocalist Ginger Alford from her Bruce Springsteen tribute and collaboration with the beloved Paul Baribeau (which you can download here). Here she mostly backs up lead vocalist and guitarist Matt Tobey, who's nasally yet pleasant voice (somewhat reminiscient of John Samson of the Weakerthans) takes charge on most of the songs here, although Ginger takes the forefront on a few songs, like "Stars Were Exploding", "Same Stories", and "Sleep With No Bad Dreams", all with great results.

2008's Into Lake Griffy, their sole output thus far, is a great debut. There are plenty of great sing-a-long melodies and uplifting, jingly guitars that noodle their way in and out of tracks. Every song on this album has great, insightful lyrics that are so damn Posi it makes you wanna jump on a bike and just cruise around listening to it. If I had to describe this group in two words I would say, "Cute and fun."

So download it! Summer's almost over, but there's still some time to cook out with your friends and have this playing in the background.

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Into Lake Griffy (2008)


sean said...

saw these guys jam out at the world bank protests last april, they're like a cute and cuddly algernon cadwallader!

Conroar said...

Soooo good! Not a bad track on that album.