Monday, September 21, 2009



Here's another hardcore super group featuring Will Killingsworth. This band features members of Relics, Ampere, Orchid, Think I Care, Failures, Glue, Bucket Full of Teeth...okay, basically every band Will Killingsworth has ever been in plus a few others.

Vaccine plays very fast, very powerful, very short powerviolence with a straightedge message. And by very short, I mean extremely fucking short. Like, their five song demo clocks in at a little over two minutes.

This demo was originally released on a cassette limited to 100 copies which has been long since sold out.

You can order the one sided 7" from Killingsworth's label Clean Plate, or Red Room Records. Each site had only 35 copies of colored vinyl for sale, so I'm sure they're gone for now, but there should still be copies of black vinyl available! (I would reccomend Red Room, since Clean Plate can be a wee bit slow sometimes...)

Vaccine's website

And guys, sorry about not updating much lately. I'm really going to start posting more frequently!

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Demo (2009)


matt said...

I love this tape, thanks for the heads up on the 7. Just ordered one.

Anonymous said...

did i mention i saw them...and Ampere...and Algernon Cadwallader... all in the last month


-Jake Brooks

but hey i was wondering if you had any albums by anomie and if so if you could send them to me... I don't think I could find you on facebook? but i'm on facebook or my aim is omgsunflower or my email is

Anonymous said...

thanks for this, just found it. you're a boss.