Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kidcrash - Snacks


I just got the leak of this record a while ago, so here you go!

Personally, I find this record to be a bit of a let down after the one-two punch of the '06 Demo and 2007's Jokes, which, despite it's lack of dynamics, is certainly one of the better screamo albums of the decade. Overall, their vocal approach has changed from the last record, and some reviews are calling this more of a mixture of the New Ruins/Jokes sound, a statement I would not agree with, seeing as this doesn't really sound like a "pop-punk" record (like New Ruins basically was) in any sense of the term.

Don't get me wrong; Snacks is a pretty solid sophomore LP, but I feel it lacks an overall growth in direction that the band should have taken off with after the release of Jokes. Again, my main complaint is a lack of dynamics. As good as their drummer Buster may be, he needs to learn when to hold back a little bit. Same goes with the guitars on a lesser level. I do have a feeling that this will continue to grow on me, but never quite reach Jokes status in my mind. Give it a download and decide for yourself.

Order the vinyl from Denovali.

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jordan said...

eh, a few things.
snacks, i feel, is just as good, if not better, than jokes. the fact that he 'screams' or 'yells' less has nothing to do with the quality of music. i do hear more 'new ruins' in this record, which brings me to my next point. NEW RUINS WAS NOT POP PUNK. at all. if new ruins was pop punk, than so was no knife or mock orange or rescue. this record, for whatever reason, feels a lot more honest to me. not like jokes was contrived, but this just feels more organic.

anyways, no offense. just my thoughts.

iPhonely said...
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BusterRoss said...

cant wait to hear your bands new record...

CHUG LIFE said...


no need for the sarcasm. i believe i made it clear that this is a good record, and don't get me wrong, you're one of my favorite drummers. no disrespect, all i did was publicize and review your record.

ArthurCadwallader said...

Very good album indeed, as are all of their albums.

Dudebrah said...

Goddamn buster is such a prick. Love this record and i love him as a drummer but damn, can't take a little criticism?

and jordan i dont think the post mentioned anything about screaming or yelling having anything to do with the quality of this music, this blog posts all kinds of music.

And New Ruins is absolutely without a doubt pop punk. There is no question to that one I dont even know how you could think its not, just because its pop punk does not mean its bad music. Monikers and Latterman are pop punk bands as well and they are incredible.

...///...///...///...///.../// said...

"snacks, i feel, is just as good, if not better, than jokes."

Very good album indeed, as are all of their albums.

sean said...

snacks is pretty cool. if i was watching this at a show it would be so rad to drink beer to this and sometimes sing along.

also new ruins is totally a record for warped tour like 3 or 4 years ago



lolololol said...

Who is BusterRoss and why is he such a cunt?

Anonymous said...

you're an idiot

BusterRoss said...

why dont you write some music, release it, then let me blog about it, and THEN you can tell me whether or not im a prick.

as always, everyone, including myself, in entitled to their own opinion.

i respect your review, however i doubt that you will be seeing my playing style change as a result of your "insight".

im sure the fact that i wrote this makes me an asshole, but thats cool, because what people think about other people they dont know based on what they read on a message board on the internet is absolutely fucking ridiculous. hopefully someone can agree with me on that.

jetsetradio said...

C'mon, this guy is a fake. the real buster from kidcrash wouldn't freak out about a critical, but still very fair review.

CHUG LIFE said...


I don't expect you to change the way you play drums because of what one small time blogger on the internet has to say about your style. A review is completely subjective by nature, and that's it. Everyone does have their own opinions. Like I said, you're one of my favorite drummers, all I was doing was laying out my honest opinion of the record, and when I read the review now, it's a bit less positive then I intended.

And I don't think that this is someone "pretending" to be Buster..I've personally seen him pop up around the internet before when there's a discussion of Kidcrash...it's normal to be curious and seek out reviews, gossip, etc. about your band.


A little harsh dude...although you're right, I didn't say that the change in vocal style was neccesarily a band thing, and pop punk bands CAN be good. I dig New Ruins. I don't think it's an amazing record, but I still listen to it and enjoy it from time to time.

This doesn't need to turn into some huge deal everyone, just download the music, and if you enjoy it, please buy the record or go to a show.

Alex said...

thanks for the review and comments, but man, i hate all these comparisons - this is better than that, that than this, etc.

it was very hard to make this record, and honestly we couldn't have written a different one. as always, we write the only songs we know how. not to sound lame here, but the songs write themselves. we're never like this will be a combo of this and that, or this will be better than the last. more emo, less screamo, darker, more 'noodly', less dynamic,... or any other subjective value judgments i've heard thrown around.

i understand buster's point of view considering that people who review music never take the people who actually make the music into account - their lives, feelings, histories etc., and treat the music as if it exists in a vacuum. you can't blame someone for getting upset when receiving 'criticism' about something that they've dedicated most of their life to. i don't know, maybe you would, but we wouldn't. not to sound lame again, but most self-proclaimed punks are more into matters of 'style' than what it actually means to make a 'DIY'record - the whole process. subjective descriptions are boring, and in my opinion, for rolling stone. then again, my internet diatribes would be better suited for marxist music criticism university lectures. i've really enjoyed doing a few small interviews about snacks because it's a way for us to put the record in context, and remove it from the shallow discussion of tempo, dynamics, organics, etc.

i should delete this crap, but i've already written it, so...

with respect,


trey said...

- This album is so far from a let down, and honestly such a progression. your entitled to your opinion but new ruins pop punk, really? come onnnn.
pop punk - Title fight, saves the day, etc etc( just to be modern)
New ruins was and still is one of my favorite Indie albums.
I feel like you can hear how much work they put into snacks, and it has become that all their hard work and progression. as always the transitions are some of the best transitions Ive ever heard from any band of any genre.
but again your entitled to your opinion but if when you rant as I am now, at least give more of a solid substance to that rant/opinion especially if its going to have more negative critiques than bad.

no disrespect though bro, thanks for the post.

Alex said...

thanks, trey, and everyone else for the kind words and support. i didn't mean to sound like an asshole if i did, but i just wanted to point out that making this album was not without enormous effort. it's always disheartening to hear those efforts written off (literally) as 'not up to par'. this record and our band was so close to not existing during the course of the snacking process, and that's probably why we're taking any criticism (as harmless as it may be) so hard. much love, alex.

snow said...

record really really rules. that's all.

...///...///...///...///.../// said...
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...///...///...///...///.../// said...
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Marc of the Gospel said...

I still think I like Jokes more but Snacks is awesome. It's a little more straightforward which is reminiscent of New Ruins, and was easier to follow upon first listen.

matt said...

I, personally, was floored by this record.