Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cut the Shit


Cut the Shit was a band from Boston that played thrashcore rooted in the mid '80's sound with little to no frills. Basically, this is hardcore like it should be. Simple, yet insightful and engaging lyrics, and short, and intense songs that don't sound too much alike one another without getting too wanky. There are moments where these guys "rock out", but they know how to keep it brief - for example, check out the ends of "From Bad to Worse" or "Pushed Too Far", both on 2003's Harmed and Dangerous LP, which may be my favorite release by these guys.

Marked for Life contains material from a new LP, as well as their one sided Shut up and Play 7" and the Bored to Death EP. 27 tracks in about 16 1/2 minutes says it all.

The singer of this band now plays bass in Failures.

Check it out!

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Bored to Death 7"


Harmed and Dangerous 2003


Marked For Life 10" (2004)


muzack said...

it's been years since i listened to them. thanks for the bored to death ep!

. said...

also features members of Cut the Shit.

Catherine said...

confines is awesome- blew me away live & the demo is excellent. andrew is also in blank stare & a couple other bands in addition to failures right now.

nickofarabia said...

can you upload some Furnace stuff? and possibly Now Denial's album "Facemelter"? i cant find this shit anywhere.

tor paul said...

you can buy Now Denial's Facemelter on CD or LP at

in terms of listening before buying: go to