Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Loma Prieta Discography 05-09/Punch LP

Loma Prieta


Well, seeing as these two bands share a member I figured I would post these two albums together.

You probably already know who both these bands are, if you haven't been living under a rock for the past few years.

Loma Prieta plays intense, riffy screamo that heralds back to the glory days, incorporating elements of bands like Honeywell, Ampere, and You and I, into a modern-day, refined package.

Punch is a vegan straightedge thrash/fastcore band from the Bay Area featuring a female vocalist. Between their Eyeless EP, released last year (which you can download here), and this year's self titled LP, these guys (and gal) are putting out some of the most refreshing, in your face hardcore of the decade.

I recently got a chance to catch Punch when they came through Baltimore on their summer tour. Charm City Art Space, a fairly small venue, as anyone who has been to a show there can tell you, was packed pretty full. The entire basement was crammed with kids, who for the most part, seemed to have showed up to see Punch play. They played first, which confused me just a bit, seeing as they were the touring band and Death Rats and Pulling Teeth are both from the immediate D.C./Baltimore metro area, but whatever. They opened the set with the first song from their new LP, "Don't Start". The energy in the room immediately changed, and everyone was either nodding their heads to the point of whiplash or dancing. The set was short, fast, and feedback-laden, and after about 15 minutes of sonic assault, front woman Meghan announced they were done. She had hardly reached the drum set by the time the crowd start asking for one more, and she made her way back to the mic, protesting only mildly by saying, "But it's so hot..." It was. They launched into "Convenience Store," a comment on the vegan lifestyle and one of the highlights of the Eyeless EP.

The Loma Prieta Discography is a Japanese import that was released for The Punch/Loma Prieta Japanese Tour earlier this year. It features the two tracks from the upcoming split with L'antietam (discussed briefly here, where you can glimpse the artwork for that release), their Last City LP, Matrimony 7" (featuring an unreleased track), Our LP is Your EP 12" (featuring an unreleased cover song), and their 2005 Demo CD-R. So, in short, everything but 2009's Dark Mountain LP.

Download Loma Prieta's back catalog here.

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Loma Prieta Discography '05-'09

Loma Prieta Discography '05-'09 (2009)

Punch LP

Punch LP (2009)

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