Saturday, August 8, 2009



Pansori is a band from Baltimore that features members of Army of Kashyyyk, ROTA, and The Summer We Went (as well as others I'm sure). They play an epic brand of screamo, complete with violins and post-rockesque compositions. Parts range from melodic guitar driven interludes to heavy breakdowns, and crescendos.

Their debut release consists of one 19+ minute long song. Fans of bands like City of Caterpillar, Pg. 99, June Paik, and some of their previous projects (Army of Kashyyyk, ROTA) will find this a welcome addition to their libraries.

I actually went to one of these guy's show when they played with Suis La Lune in College Park not too long ago, but missed their set. Bummer. I hear they rule live. Check it out.


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Demo '09


Anonymous said...

great stuff, thank you.

Sean said...

man, its a shame you guys missed the set at the awesome times house, it was so great!