Monday, January 26, 2009

Paul Baribeau


This is a little different from the kind of music we usually post. I think that every once in a while I'm probably going to do a post that strays from the realm of screamo/electric punk, just for a little variety.

With that said, I give you Paul Baribeau, one of my favorite artists. Paul is a folk singer who is signed to Plan-It-X Records, which is run by Chris of Ghost Mice, Captain Chaos, etc. etc. Paul sings simple, endearing folk-punk songs that sound like they could have come directly out of his journal (which they very well may have). His rhythmic, palm-mute-heavy sound and brash voice have become his trademark. All these releases are DIY, low budget affairs, which only adds to their overall charm. The story is (if I recall correctly) that the aforementioned Chris heard a live demo that Spoonboy brought back from some show somewhere, and Chris sent Paul a letter asking for another demo so Paul recorded his first album in one night and sent it into Plan-It-X, who immediately signed him.

Plan-it-X says:

Many reviewers call paul brutally honest. he hates it, but it's true. he sings from the heart about things we all understand. he sings about family problems, loneliness, broken hearts, crushes, romances etc. he will destroy you, if you're a human.

This is a video of Paul playing a cover of Leonard Cohen's "Chelsea Hotel No. 2" from If You Make It (which you should definitely check out if you haven't already)

Paul Baribeau - Chelsea Hotel No. 2 from If You Make It on Vimeo.

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Paul Baribeau (2004)

A little note on the Darkness on the Edge Of Your Town:

This album is made up entirely of Bruce Springsteen covers and were recorded with Ginger Alford. Reviews of this album are mostly endearing, but every once in a while you'll hear someone bash it. Those people are most likely not even Paul Baribeau fans in the first place. If you like folk punk, have even a marginal interest in Bruce Springsteen's music, and are under the age of 35, you'll most likely fall head over heels in love with this album. If you're over 35 and know Springsteen only as "The Boss", this album will either leave you scratching your head or blowing smoke out of ears while you rant about "sullying the Boss' good name", or something. But really, how many people over 35 even read this blog? Seriously, I wanna know. Comment or something.

Darkness on the Edge of Your Town (2006?)

Live At Rhino's (2006)


Grand Ledge (2007)

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Michael said...

hey just letting you know if you like this guy, an australian dude by the name of wil wagner does similiar stuff

he's got some beauties up on his myspace - 'this is called a headrush' is one to check out, but unfortunetly he's only got mainly EP stuff at the moment, but if you can get a hold of his album, it's pretty damn good.
all the best.