Monday, January 5, 2009

Fang Island

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Originally from Providence, Rhode Island, Fang Island is now chillin up in Brooklyn. Although Nick from Daughters play guitar, their sound is nothing like their bastard stepsister band. They use artsy light shows and shit when they play live, so that's pretty cool. There are three guitarists, a bassist and a drummer. They don't really sing or anything, but sometimes they have whoo's and shit. they play pretty fast at times, aren't really slow and ambient; they are kinda rockin, not noodly or anything. They have two releases, one of which is a short little EP. There are a few sound clips in the first cd (Day of the Great Leap), which all kick ass. The second CD is real short, only three songs, but they are really amazing when you listen to the progression they have made as a band. Plus, the Final Fantasy reference is sweet.

I have two videos because I really feel like everyone who likes this music should see how sweet their shows are. The first is a video recorded live in a kindergarten/ First Grade class in Providence; the sound quality kinda sucks, but watching the little kids is the best thing ever. The second is "Curaga" from the EP Sky Gardens. The sound quality is amazing! You should also go to youtube and search for a video called "Fang Island- SS Fort Jams (LIVE)", and watch the crowd freak out. BUY THEIR SHIT.


2. "Fang Island- Curaga (LIVE)"

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Sky Gardens

Day of the Great Leap

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