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Eucalypt was a fiercely DIY screamo band from Australia that broke up in mid 2008. I heard about these guys after they broke up, and I'm really glad I did. The farthest they ever ventured from Sydney was on a Southeast Asian tour (as far as I know), and I'm pretty sure no more than 200 of any of their releases exist. It was a chore just to find mp3's of these guys online, and I'm pretty sure I'm still missing some compilation tracks!

Eucalypt differs greatly from many screamo bands due to the fact that their guitarist's use no distortion whatsoever. Their clean sound is still extremely intense, due in part to great, energetic drumming. If you download anything by these guys, get the New Zealand Tour CD just because it contains the bulk of their output. My personal favorite song of theirs is "A Spotlight", off of the Connections split.

A split 10" with Majorca is still slated for release, and I've done my best to track down whatever might have been on the internet. If any of you Aussie's have their compilation tracks, please, upload them!

Go buy this really awesome collection tape that was released by Utarid Tapes!!!:


This is a really well done video of them playing "Last Things Last" a few months before they broke up. I also included a video of them playing "A Spotlight", which is a favorite of mine.

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New Zealand Tour CD (2007?)


Eucalypt/Needletail Split (2007)


Arse Moreira/Eucalypt/Amalthea/Orbit Cinta Benjamin/Dodeeward/Hiro "Connections" Six-way Split (2008)

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Negative Gordy said...

the split 10" with majorca is readily available here in melbourne.. there are copies everywhere...

try missing links online record store..

i don't have a link but if you google it you'll find it

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