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I haven't seen this album, or their demo, for that matter posted anywhere else, so here goes:

Two dudes! One plays guitar, one plays drums. Simple enough. This is what someone else had to say:

Intricate, melodic and mathy post hardcore from this Lancaster, PA drum and guitar duo. Imagine Hoover in overdrive or Ghosts & Vodka with vocals. Throw in the revolution summer influence of bands like Embrace and Rites of Spring and you will start to have an idea of what to expect.

Okay, I'm not really seeing it, but whatever. These guys have an original sound. It's mathy post-hardcore, I'll meet you half way. But I'm not seeing the whole Dischord comparison really, maybe I'm just out of the loop. I would say it's kind of reminiscent of Tiny Hawks to me, circa People With Out End. I guess I could say they sound a bit like Hoover, but with the sad bastard factor turned way down. To be honest with you I don't listen to too much Dischord stuff. There, I said it.

Pounding drums kinda make these songs careen into one another, while gruff shouted vocals provide atmospheric melody over top of the whole shebang. I'd say two of the biggest highlights on the record are "Steep Cliff Mountain Type Jaunt," which features gang vocals and kind of just hangs out in your brain, and the track that immediately follows, "Stutter Like You Mean It", which hosts some awesome guitar riffage. To be honest, I kind of prefer the demo versions of "Sexual Alien Vs Sexual Predator" and "Tough Guy Older Brother Shit", but maybe I'm just being sentimental or something. Maybe it's because ever since I heard "Sexual Alien" for the first time that awesome melody has just been stuck in my head...

"I'm pulsing again/I've been pulsing for years..."

Download all of it.

These guys are from Lancaster, PA, and the sort of Central/Northeastern PA area is seeing a huge explosion of good fucking music right now. From the Lehigh Valley to Philly, Pennsylvania is pretty fucking rad right now, home to bands like these guys, Algernon Cadwallader, Slingshot Dakota, Street Smart Cyclist (R.I.P.), Storm The Bastille, We Were Skeletons, and about one million other bands, which probably features at least one member of one of the bands I just mentioned.

Speaking of side projects, these guys just started one called Boyfriends. Check it out here.

I've only seen these guys live once, at Barclay House in Baltimore. It was a good show. Read about it here.

They have a myspace.

Oh and here's a video of them playing "Termineighbor 2 The Misspelling" at that show at Barclay I was talking about.

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'08 Winter Demo


Thank You Arms and Fingers


Michael said...

Great band from my hometown

Conroar said...

So glad you reported on these guys. I've played a couple of shows with them, stand up bros playing such amazing music. Can't wait to hear the new stuff they just recorded, get that business mixed and mastered already!

Anonymous said...

thank you arms and fingers link is dead.

crumb said...
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crumb said...

the '08 demo works, but takes forever. and, indeed, the thank you arms and fingers link is dead. :(