Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Last Forty Seconds


Well, I couldn't find a picture of these guys playing, so I leave you with a picture of one of those cute little kiddies who show off all the Ape Must Not Kill Ape releases.

The Last Forty Seconds was an emotive hardcore band that formed in or around 1999 and broke up in the early 2000's. Members of this band went on to form The Saddest Landscape, Wolves, and vocalist Andy Maddox currently fronts screamo giants Ampere. Their only output is this 12" release and a split with Sundowner (recorded by Will Killingsworth of Orchid) which I haven't been able to find a vinyl rip of (SO IF YOU HAVE IT RIP IT!). This LP features 6 solid songs that remind me of bands like Funeral Diner, Orchid, and Portraits of Past. I think that'd be enough incentive for me to download this record.

Or even purchase it from Slave Union.

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The Last Forty Seconds


Anonymous said...

spend some time ripping the split. you can find it here temporarily:

feel free to post it on your side/elsewhere, but remember you need to upload it to a stable location (your mediafire account for example) first.

also, please do not remove or change any of the included files.

have fun, the last forty seconds are really unbelievably great.


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to tell you that "tlfs" also released a split
7" with "a trillion barnacle lapse" but it's super rare

Anonymous said...

complete disco (

demo - 4 songs, 200 copies, 3 different covers, self released

12" - 6 songs, about 2000 copies ape must not kill ape records

split tour cd w/ the chase - 3 songs by each band, 200 copies all have different covers, self released

arcane winter music comp - 1 song, not sure of the pressing info. arcane music
split 7" w/ sundowner - 2 songs by each band, 1100 copies, all on baby blue vinyl, 3 different covers, 1000 regular ones, and 50 overrun covers by sundowner, and 50 overrun covers by us, ape must not kill ape records

split 7" w/ a trillion barnicle lapse - 2 songs by us, 3 by atbl, 500 copies, 100 on pink vinyl, pink vinyl also has limited edition covers that differ from the regular ones, pretty in pink records

daniel said...

The split with atbl is unreal. They also spelled "barnacle" wrong on the sleeve which I thought was pretty funny.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and andy maddox was never in ampere...

Anonymous said...

wrong andy. drummer, not vocalist.

Wheresthatdeerhead said...
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Wheresthatdeerhead said...

i have the split 7" w/ atbl for sale/trade if someone is interested...

Anonymous said...

demo -