Sunday, February 22, 2009

Neil Perry

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Neil Perry was a screamo band from New Jersey that got their name from a suicidal teenager in that Robin Williams movie "The Dead Poet Society". Pretty br007 huh? Anywho, Neil Perry was really fast and thrashy on some songs, while in other songs they sound alot more melodic and junk. Neil Perry was formed back in '98 when You And I broke up, but they have a ton of affiliated bands, including Hot Cross, Joshua Fit For Battle, and Welcome The Plague Year. I can't tell you how many releases they have. I know they did a split with Joshua Fit For Battle and some other bands. Level Plane put out a 40 song discography called Lineage Situation. I really like this discography because of the differences in the recording quality of the songs. Below I have a four part video that came as a special feature with the discography, followed by Lineage Situation. They have some copies of Lineage on Amazon, I just bought one actually. If we have any readers who are into collecting records and shit, keep an eye out for anything put out by Neil, this shit is mad rare.


Here's a preview of the DVD:


PT. 2

PT. 3

PT. 4

PT. 5

LOLZ 3nj0y

* * *

Download the Lineage Situation video here.

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Lineage Situation


Jane said...

Neillllllllllllllll Perryyyyyyyyyyy! Dopedopedope. Saetia gives me some major chills, too.

natan111 said...

Love this band!!!!!! <3