Monday, October 13, 2008

Tim Kinsella


Tim Kinsella has been one of the biggest names in underground music since the days of Cap'n Jazz in the early 90's, as close to a celebrity as one can be in a scene that shuns the very concept. Over the years he has been associated with some of the biggest names in the midwest indie/emo scene - brother Mike Kinsella (of American Football and Owen), and cousin Nate Kinsella both play with Tim in Joan of Arc. Davey Von Bohlen, originally in Cap'n Jazz, went on to front The Promise Ring and currently fronts Maritime. While Cap'n Jazz found Tim exploring a new, lighter side of the emo genre, Joan of Arc often delves into the bizarre, experimenting with atonal melodies and unexpected song structures. Over the years, Kinsella has issued a number of solo releases, under either the monikers Tim Kinsella or Tim Kinella(s). Below is his solo discography.

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"A Picture Postcard"(Promise Ring Cover) from the Post Marked Stamps 7" Compilation (1998)

He Sang He Didn't He Danced His Did (2001)

Demands Feminist Critique (2002)


Crucifix Swastika (2005)


Field Recordings of Dreams (2007)

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