Friday, October 17, 2008



Not to be confused with the seminal Ebullition based Bay Area band from the early 90's, Sawhorse is a post-rock outfit from Baltimore featuring members of Age Sixteen, Surf Nazis on Ecstasy, A Perfect Kiss, Lilu Dallas, and more. I think the comparison they probably hear the most is Godspeed!, but I also hear elements of Sparrows Swarm and Sing, Mono, maybe even a little Mogwai. This is really amazing stuff! Their debut album is being released in mid December at a show hosted by the Metro Gallery. The recording below was captured by Zoe, lead singer of The Lost Tourists at Sawhorse's most recent show (last Sunday). There is also video to accompany the audio, and I will hopefully be posting this pretty soon after i talk to Zoe about it. This set was absolutely incredible. They had an entire room of people completely silent and captivated for 28 minutes (except for the couple sucking face somewhere towards the back of the room).

* * *

Live In Krasner's Basement (2008)


Anonymous said...

"Do it again, but better!"

Amazing quote at the end!

This was really really rad. Thanks for uploading.

chug life said...

glad you enjoyed it!

hopefully i'll be posting their album eventually.

Anonymous said...

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