Thursday, October 2, 2008

Age Sixteen


Age Sixteen is a band from Baltimore that has been around for only a few months. Featuring members of bands like Lilu Dallas, A Perfect Kiss, Sawhorse, and probably a few others, these guys are obviously not new to the scene at all except Kris, who has never been in a band before). When I first heard these guys I could not believe there was a band this fucking rad so close to me. In fact I think I probably said something like, "Holy shit! I can't believe these rad fucking dudes live so close to me!"

Their sound heralds back to sort of the classic 90's emo sound, with bands like Raein, Love Like...Electrocution, Funeral Diner, and Suis La Lune cited as influences. Seeing these guys live is a lot like seeing a girl naked for the first time. First your knees start shaking, then your whole body, and before you know it you're all sweaty and not too sure what the fuck just happened. In short, they put on one of the most intense live shows I have ever witnessed. Below I have uploaded their only output to date, a three song demo recorded in a garage by now ex-member Mike York of Pianos Become the Teeth (who also recorded my band!) Three songs that you will not be able to get out of your head, I promise.

In the upcoming months they are putting out a full length and are being featured on a compilation being put out by Zomerkamp Records out of Mexico. You can hear the song that will be on that comp by vising the Age Sixteen myspace.

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Spring 2008 Demo

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yo this band rules. everyone check this out.