Tuesday, October 14, 2008



I just literally discovered these guys a few days ago. Magdalene is a band from Pisa, Italy that crafts powerful screamo songs by making use of post-rock aspects and build-ups. I believe they played the recent Anti-MTV Fest in Italy that big names like Raein also played. The band is comprised of four dudes - two guitarists, a bassist, and and a drummer. Other than that, I don't really know anything about these guys except that they make wonderful music! It's really heartfelt stuff and you should definitely check them out.

Oh before, I forget - one of the things that grabbed me about this band is some of the great artwork their myspace page features - it's always nice to see bands using visual art to compliment the music, and either these guys have real talented friends, or are real talented artists themselves. Below is a sample of some of the shit they have posted up, the rest can be found at their myspace page.


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Demo (2007)


Self Titled (2008)

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