Monday, June 28, 2010

Tiny Hawks

Tiny Hawks

Tiny Hawks was a two piece duo consisting of Art Middleton on guitar and Gus Martin on drums. Hailing from the Providence, Rhode Island area, the band's peers include the likes of Daniel Striped Tiger, Sinaloa, Ampere, and Death to Tyrants, although the Tiny Hawks sound is a bit less rooted in the hardcore tradition than the work of their peers. They combined a flurry of hardcore influences with a jangly, tumultuous rhythm and all the spasms of a thrash band to create a sound that has been emulated by bands all over the country, perhaps most notably the Lancaster based 1994!, who have helped blaze the trail Tiny Hawks began to forge.

Their discography is rather brief; one 8 song 12" EP and one full length, but both are packed with a dizzying array of off-kilter melody, jarring drumbeats, and innovative guitar riffs.

P.S. Notice Slingshot Dakota drummer Tom in the background of the band shot at the top of the post.

Both members current play in a band called Arcing, who as of yet, have no recorded music. There is a video on their myspace.

Fingers Become Bridges

Fingers Become Bridges (2005)

People Without End

People Without End (2006)

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