Saturday, July 3, 2010

4th of July Show

Tomorrow there is going to be a huge show in Hagerstown MD. Five touring bands are going to be roling through, plus two locals bands. We are trying to figure out some food stuff so we can feed people/ourselves, also figuring out parking for the fireworks downtown. The house is right off of I-81, so if you are in the area you should come hangout. We're trying to get people there around 1 pm, so that way the show can start before three. We gotta be done by dark for a few reasons. Also, if you are underage and decide to get really fucked up you might get asked to leave, so keep your cool until the sun goes down babies. Below is all the information you need:

18301 Shawley Drive
Hagerston MD

Line up (in no particular order)

Merchant Ships
Burn Idols
Cloud Mouth
Suis La Lune

a few bucks foreveryone who is touring or some food

Park on the street, saving the driveway for the tourind bands, and we gotta leave room for the basketball games.

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