Saturday, June 5, 2010

Merchant Ships

Jack and I are best friends now, future blood brothers actually, so natuarlly he sent me their new album when they got the mastered tracks. These songs are different than their older material, a little heavier and more technical but still of sing alongs and all that shit that made The Shipsography dope. Personally, my favorite new tracks are the new version of Dying and Sentinel. I think Sentinel is up on their myspace, so if you are not sure if you want this album go check it out on their space. Count Your Lucky Stars is putting this little diddy out in vinyl sometime soon, I would imagine that they would have it for their tour(s) this summer. You should buy the vinyl if you like the tunes. While I'm here I might as well add that I'm putting out their Bummer Tapes tape for their summer tour too, so you should pick up a copy from CYLS or the ships this summer. If you're within driving distance of western Maryland you should come see them play with my band, Prawn, Our Parents Forgot Us, Spermwhales and Calculator on the 4th of July.



For Cameron


Anonymous said...

Bravo. The amount of screamo/emo/hardcore/whateverthefuckcore bands you know and have is simply amazing. Thank you. Great shit up in here.

spunj13 said...

i don't think that's actually the album cover.

it's just a temporary (i think... since i'm supposed to be drawing it and doing the album layout)

and i'm assuming that bummer times release is for the august tour with analecta?

chug said...

thats the cover jack sent me, so if there is another one then ill put it up too. the bummer tape will be intheir hands in the middle of their east coast tour