Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wolfpack Collective

Yo this kid Josh just sent me this email so I'm gonna get my copy pasta on. This Wolfpack thing looks pretty dope, yalls should get onboard. Can't hurt. If you email homeboy ask to be added to the Facebook group that is some kind of forum for the creation of this website. I'm trying to be a despot.


Im starting a website and would like your band to be a part of it if youre interested?
There is a secret Facebook group that will be an organizing group to help create the website for Wolfpack Collective which will be dropping sometime mid April (website design by Clayton Hebenik of Floods).
Wolfpack Collective is a collective group of bands OF ANY GENRE and people that stretch across the US and Canada, each band will have their own page on the website where their music will stream and the bands will be organized by geographic location, which should DRASTICALLY decrease the stress thats involved with booking tours.
There will be two messageboards-
one for WPC bands to interact with each other and one that is public
To submit to be a WPC artist please use the checklist document from our documents section of this group
This idea is still in the planning stages, so if you have any thoughts that could help this become something even better, let me know on here.
-Josh Brumley

Wolfpack Application

Wolf Pack Collective
New Band Checklist
1: Promo picture of band (this can be a live show photo)
2: Band Logo (people who create flyers for you band can take your logo off the wpc site and that will help to increase traffic)
3: Bio- write whatever you want
4: City your band is from including where you can help book shows if possible
5: URL of your facebook and/or bandcamp - we will be streaming you bandcamp from the website
Once you have completed this checklist email everything to and your
submission will be reviewed and if everything is cool you will be added to the band roster. There is no deadline to be a part of the WPC, we have already recieved submissions and have contacted every band on the rough draft roster document

I think this could be pretty cool. Good idea regardless. Tell 'em you heard about it from me, so I look badass. Word

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