Friday, February 17, 2012

7" SPOTLIGHT - Boilerman - Bright Young Things

It's been a very long time chuggers. Roblet is keeping this thing going, which I'm grateful for. Life has been full of changes lately, including a lack of internet for the most part. So here I briefly offer you a 7" spotlight on an awesome band from Chicago (I think) that are just playing downright good ol' pop punk jams. Four songs, none longer than 2 minutes, and you'll find yourself playing it over and over again. This is definitely one of my favorite pop punk records in my entire collection. So download, jam out, and buy their shit or see them when they are playing in your town! They just did a tour not too long ago and I regrettably missed their D.C. date.


* * *


Bright Young Things (2010)

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