Monday, February 27, 2012

William Bonney & Droughts Split

Finally, the split between William Bonney and Droughts is done. WB has had their songs done for a hot minute, but they weren't mastered or something. I guess that the album's release was waiting on the Droughts tracks, but I don't know when they got released. Fuck you Jack for not giving me these tracks first, I snagged this release off of My Endless Minutes (one of my favorite blogs). If you don't like gang vocals you are shit outta luck, cuz your in sing along city baby.

Droughts are first on the split. I've never listened to the before but I liked what I heard. Granted I'm using jankity ear buds and watching Boys N The Hood on T.V (BOY, GET YOUR BUTT IN HERE), I still paid a good bit of attention to the music. Droughts fits the mold of mid-west emo pretty well, you know what I mean? Their guitars have a nice tone and I really enjoy their song structures.

William Bonney is obviously second. Next. Whatever. Their shit is bonkers, super tight. These are the best songs they have put out, even though this is just their second release. Rippage all over the place. Obviously a highlight are Jack's vocals and lyrics, he is such a poet. Mikey, Ethan, Henry and El Moustache rip it up pretty hard. Really heavy emo jams, with a double bass tastefully thrown in there. All their songs rule. All the songs on the split rule, but I'm partial to this side of the split because they have been floating around for a while. One of the songs is my name spelled incorrectly.

Yo, download the fuck out of this split. I don't know how its being release, or who is doing it, but you should pick it up when you can. I'm pretty sure Droughts still play regularly, so go check that out in the Mid-West. Willy is spread out all over the place, but they are getting back together for a tour this summer, you can find the dates pretty easily. Check that out too.


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William Bonney & Droughts Split

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