Friday, March 20, 2009

You And I

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You and I was a screamo band that started sometime in the 90s. They played a heavier kind of screamo music, but also had some very chilled out clean parts. As far as vocals go, it varies very nicely between chaotic screaming and melodic singing. I bought their discography in Philadelphia last weekend in some tight record store. These guys were really influential in the screamo scene, due to the fact that after they broke up in '98, they went on to form/play in Neil Perry, Hot Cross, In First Person, and This Ship Will Sink. I can't find any videos, sorry guys. But on the bright side, last night I saw a bumper sticker that says "Yinz are in Stiller Country".
Also, Suis La Lune is leaving in like a week, so make sure you DO NOT miss the second leg of their tour with Army of Kashyyyk, if you go to Frostburg Sunday you will be seeing us!

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