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Pyramids plays moody, mid-tempo screamo that relies heavily upon the 90's sound and features multiple vocalists, making for a very atomspheric, layered listen. These guys are great, and my personal favorite is their debut record with the original line up.

I found this bio written on a blog, apparently written by the drummer.

Pyramids formed in late August 2005 after three long-time friends, who had played with one another for many years in A Petal Fallen , found a house in Philadelphia and decided to write music together again. Living together in the Veggieplex Theatre and being largely unemployed, we found a lot of time to practice, ended up playing our first show only a few weeks after beginning to write, and began recording a full-length only a month after conceiving the band.

As we were finishing the recording of our record Following the Tracks, Forcing Motion Through Phases, we played a lot of shows and had a lot of fun, but upon its completion Chris decided Philadelphia was not for him and moved back to Seattle, followed shortly thereafter by Eric. With a three-week tour on the horizon and only one person left to play it, Larry and Daniel decided to help out and we took Pyramids on the road with only 1/3 of its original members, even writing some new songs (for the Devices split) in the process.

At the moment Pyramids has found permanent membership in Sean, Dave, and Benn, and is nearing completion of a new LP, Through the Hourglass. Following is already out of print in its LP form, and will hopefully be repressed soon, to coincide with our upcoming split 7”s. In a month or two we should be recording for yet another split, this time with our tour partners from last year, Capsule.

Here's a video of "Stationed" and "Drifting", from the last show with the original line up.

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Following The Tracks, Forcing Motion Through Phases


Through the Hourglass


Violent Breakfast Split


Anonymous said...

i respect these homies, but i've gotta say that i'd take hydrahead's Pyramids over this.

Inept Architect said...

do these cats have a myspace at all?