Thursday, February 20, 2014

K.C.Milian Discography

I really couldn't tell you how long I have been listening to this band. K.C.Milian has been one of my favorite groups since I started getting into music I found on the internet back in highschool. My introduction to them was, like many others, their split with La Quiete. After I heard their song I spent days online trying to piece together some sort of collection of their various releases, and was super proud of myself for eventually doing so. They were always one of the few bands that I would insist anyone, no matter what they listen to, checks out ASAP.

It must have been like 2010 or 2011 when I was contacted by the dude who runs the record label Time As A Color. We talked about being into the same music, he showed me his releases, and then casually mentioned a K.C.Milian discography with unreleased tracks that was in the works. I lost my shit. We talked sporadically for a while, and have since lost touch, but I never forgot about this record. The last time I was up in Boston I traded some records for a copy of All Sorts of Things, but fucking left it up there. I left it up there. I forgot about it before I had even gotten to listen to it once. It sucked so bad. I never really thought about trying to find the songs online, because not a whole lot of people were ever really into them, but recently I saw someone post a link to bandcamp with the discography. Let me tell you something, I got stoned, made some hamburger helper, played skyrim and listened to this album on repeat for like 5 hours and it was one of the best nights I have had in a long time. Check it out, and if you don't know who K.C.Milian is you should just do me a favor and go lay in traffic. Seriously. Word.



basetta said...

ahah man they're old frined of mine from my hometown, genoa! they were amazing

basetta said...

look what I've found in my old harddrive.. K.C.Milian + Off Minor live @ c.s.o.a Pinelli in Genoa, Italy 27-03-2004