Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Brave Youth

I just got my internet hooked up yesterday. Got a house and all that shit, school started this week as well. Got some posts lined up, seeing as I didnt do anything this summer. My biological son Reid Maynard wrote the post below and picked the picture and shit. He kept bugging me to post this band, so I finally told him to just write a post and I'll copy/paste it on here. Word.


Brave Youth could be best described by their about section on Myspace: "we're 5 dudes from Louisville who love playing fun, passionate music." They sound like a halfway hybrid of pop-punk (extremely catchy riffs and vocal melodies, lyrics about friends, chicks, and bullies) combined with elements of hardcore punk (most noticeably how the drummer is constantly trucking the fuck out of the drums). They released their tape on "Live Nasty Dynasty" which you should go buy.

Also, I've been told they would love to play weekend shows anywhere driving distance from Louisville.

Also, also, the singer's girlfriend's name is Melissa, which is kind of funny to hear some dude that isn't John Galm singing that name.


Tough Guise

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