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Formed in Elgin, Illinois around 2001, Colossal featured members of renowned punk acts like The Lawrence Arms and Tuesday. However, Colossal's sound was much more rooted in the gentle, jazz-influenced emo styling that dominated Chicago's music scene in the mid-90's; taking a nod from bands such as Braid, Friction, American Football, and Cap'n Jazz (huh, imagine that) Colossal's sound is characterized by clean guitar tones, jangly pop riffs, the occasional flourish of trumpet, upbeat drums, and baritone vocals.

Pat Ford is the primary vocalist here, and his deep voice dominates the tracks. However, when other band members pipe up the result is absolutely wonderful (check out "Plateau Song" on the EP and "The 1/5 Compromise" on the full length).

The music that Colossal has created is imaginative, and rehashes many staples of the midwestern emo scene without making them seem old and worn out. So check it out!

The band is currently on hiatus.

Their myspace is here.

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Brave the Elements

Brave the Elements [EP] (2003)


Welcome the Problems (2004)


johngalm said...

in the listing of other bands, you missed the smoking popes. colossal is incredible.

Justin Marc Lloyd said...

if you like colossal, check out c-clamp. its like colossal on codeine. and of course, they are from the same era and location. baritone vocals and articulate, clean picking patterns and all. so good!

Anonymous said...

nice post gentlemen.

d kraz

Anonymous said...

Welcome the Problems doesn't work!