Sunday, February 7, 2010


The music community needs to be a little more tight-knit, don't you think? I think it would be cool if Chug Life could help people out with getting their tours booked. The idea I was kicking around was this: Every month I would list off bands that are going on tour in hopes that it would help them either get shows booked or just to let people know that they are passing through. Feel free to comment this post and be like "(This band) is going on tour (here at this time)". The list is small, I know. Hopefully it will get bigger.


Broken Chords Can Sing A Little/Giuseppe
Suis La Lune/Pala/Fair Root
Merchant Ships
Grown Ups
Heaviness Of The Load
Vicotr! Fix The Sun
Age Sixteen/ Blue Letter
The Reptilian
Empire! Empire!
Antilles/Mountain Asleep
Aussitot Mort
Best Friends
Perfect Future


Potoman said...

Hey great idea, thanks !
There are a few broken links in the list for Suis La Lune, Age Sixteen and The Reptilian (even if they are easy to figure out).
I might add some names later when I'm clean and sober. I suppose European bands/tours are OK too ?

Savvas said...

Sleep Bellum Sonno is touring again in March. They're cool dudes who make cool music.

Ben McFarlane said...

^ I saw them in Des Moines, they were solid.

Just commenting to say this is a sweet idea.

Kyle said...

i book in south carolina, any of these bands can get at me! i'm doing the suis la lune show.

Audio Student said...

little lungs is touring!!

Thomas McLaughlin said...

Awesome. I saw empire!empire! about a month ago and grown ups is playing here the 19th. stoked.

Anonymous said...

maybe this is just me being lazy about following links and looking at dates, but it'd be handy just to state next to the lineups where they're touring. A general area I mean, west coast, east coast, europe, etc. great idea nonetheless!

Dylan Mass Create said...

super great idea!!

bluegrasssish said...

my band footnotes is touring with our friends corcovado over spring break in pa/nj/possibly ny