Friday, December 4, 2009


Spermwhales is the ambient/minimialist solo project of Brent Grant of Ze Ultra Boys, Man Pretty and Fuck! Don Flamenco. His spacey music reminds me of doing a bunch of acid or mushrooms. One time I had a conversation with him about music and he told me that the song he was playing for me was the music to a horrible trip. I believe that 100%. We've played some shows with him in the past, and I've seen him play a handful of times, and his live performances are very interesting to watch. He uses two little amps and a shit ton of effects including a Nintendo DS. He told me how he makes the sounds on that thing one time, but its a secret.

I remember this summer he was all bummed out because when he played shows people wouldn't pay attention and would talk and shit, and it really made me angry. It was really fucked up, but after a while he began to make music again and played at my house. Brent asked me to put his stuff up on here, and seeing as I asked him for this shit months ago I'm putting it up now. Below is his discography to date, which includes an unreleased album (Largest Toothed) that was going to be put out on my now defunct tape label. I also have a tape that he recorded in my room, but its back in Maryland I don't think he would want it on the Internet. Spermwhales is signed to Little Furry Things records and you can buy his stuff form his myspace I think. He plays shows again, so if you're around Maryland you should go see him play. Also, his other band Fuck! Don Flamenco is having a VHS release show sometime in December or something and should be pretty cool. I know if I'm around I'll be there. Here is a video called "Dreaming".


Time Warp EP

Largest Toothed

Easy Visual

Endless Sea of Clouds

Natural Echoes

Spermwhales/Color Rabbit Split

Spermwhales/The Shy Violet Split


Anonymous said...

Hi, I just wanted to tell you that I happened to check out Spermwhales and I dug it so I wanted it to feature it on my blog where I promote music and other shit I dig, I quoted this post you made because I liked how it was really personal and anecdotical, I thought I should let you know it. But if you're not ok with it, i'll just delete it. I've also put a link to you're blog.

this is my blog, it's in Dutch


Anonymous said...

your blog is fuckin awesome, thank you so much for the music from argentina