Tuesday, October 20, 2015

R.L. Kelly

R. L. Kelly is part of the singer / songwriter bedroom music scene.


Blithe Field / Spencer Radcliffe

So Spencer Radcliffe used to make pretty chill music under the name Blithe Field, but now he does some singer / songwriter stuff under his government name. I think he is from Chicago.


G.L.O.S.S (girls living outside society's shit) is a trans-feminist punk band from Olympia. They recently went on a tour, which seems to have gone over pretty well, but they have recently been catapulted into the spotlight due to Whirr's transphobic twitter comments involving them. Whirr has since been dropped from Run For Cover due to the tweets. You can search the incident and find a whole bunch of "coverage" on Whirrgate, but that's not what this post is about. This post is about G.L.O.S.S's demo.


Friday, October 2, 2015

Sun Club

Sun Club is an upbeat pop band from Baltimore. They are having an album release show at The Crown on November 6th


U + N Fest 4

Tons of bands are playing at Ottobar today and tomorrow for a fest put on by, and thus named after, Unregistered Nurse Booking


Goblin Mold

Goblin Mold is a chill pop band from Baltimore



Wume are a synth and drum duo from Baltimore



Roomrunner is a grunge ( I guess?) band from Baltimore. Their last show is October 3rd at Ottobar.


Bond St. District

Bond St. District is a hip hop group from Baltimore. They are really, really good.


Stay In

Stay In is an emo band from Richmond